What's Happening Weekly

Community Open Hours
Mon-Thur 9am-5pm
Fri 9am-4pm

Access to: 

The Queer Library

Endless Games & Puzzles

Relax in the Sensory Room

Hang out with Friends in the Community Room

Snacks, Drinks, Meals



Food Pantry

GEAR Closet Shopping:Clothes, Accessories, Hygiene/Feminine Products

Check out the Event Calendar for info on the following: 

Support Groups

Psychotherapy Groups

Smart Recovery Classes

Yoga Classes

Special Workshops/Events


Individual Organization Services 

Housed Within the Queer Wellness Center are the following organizations. Please click the link to their websites to learn about the services they offer on location!

Mental Health

Free Medical & Mental Health Care

Community & Resource Connections

Event Calendar

Coming Soon!